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Q: Will I own my website if I choose one of the Website Specials?
A: Your company will only own the website after the 12 to 24 months of hosting depending on the website package selected. Or you opt to pay the remaining months hosting costs.


Q: Can I cancel the hosting anytime I need to?
A: Yes. There are no hosting contracts required. If you need to cancel website hosting, there is no cancellation costs.


Q: If I cancel hosting within the first 12 to 24 months, how can I take my website to a new hosting company.
A: The only option to take ownership of your website if hosting is cancelled within the first 12 to 24 months would be to pay the remaining months hosting. So if you chose option 1 of the winter special which
requires 12 months hosting, and you cancel hosting after 4 months and wish to take your website to a new hosting company, you would need to pay the remaining 8 months website hosting.


Q: What does the monthly website hosting include?
A: Monthly hosting includes: hosting of your website and emails (Unlimited email accounts), unlimited diskspace and bandwidth for your website and email accounts. And 1 hours maintenance every month. Every 24 months you host with us you get a free re-design of your website.


Q: What exactly does the CMS training entail?
A: Someone at Bright House Solutions will teach an employee at your company the basics of your websites admin section which will give them the ability to add, edit and delete website pages. This take around 30 minutes and
is done over the phone using team viewer.


Q: What does the catalog website special entail?
A: A catalogue website is basically a shopping cart website that is not connected to a pay gate. In other words, we can set it up so that people can add products to a shopping cart and place and order but they
don’t have to pay online. We can also disable that function, and simply use the shopping cart system to display your products. The quote request


Q: What does the e-commerce website special entail?
A: We add 10 products for you to a shopping cart system. A browser then adds the products they are looking for to a shopping cart with quantity’s and then they checkout and make payment online once they are complete.
Bright House Solutions connects the shopping cart system to a secure pay gate which facilitates the payment.


Q: What does the Quote request website special entail?
A: If your prices fluctuate, or you do not wish to display your prices online, we display your products in a shopping cart system and browsers add products they would like to receive a quote on with quantity’s to a shopping cart.
They then check out, fill in there contact details, and all of the information regarding their query is emailed to you.


Q: What does basic SEO (search engine optimization) entail?
A: Bright House Solutions adds keywords and phrases to the source code of the website which your potential clients will type in on Google, as well as title tags for each page. Your website will be mobile friendly which
prevents penalties from Google and adds to your Ranking with Google. We encourage our clients to add new content to their websites as often as possible to improve their ranking as well as create backlinks as often as possible as well.
We also setup and maintain Google adword campaigns as well for our clients which is not covered in basic SEO.


Q: How many rounds of changes can we make for the R 900 website special?
A: Using the design process we follow whereby you can select the design closest to what you are looking for from a list of more than 500 different design options, the amount of changes you should require will be very minimal. So that is why we have a maximum of 3 rounds of changes for the R 900 website special.


Q: How many product variations are we allowed per product for the 1 to 10 products part of the R 900 e-commerce special
There is a maximum of 3 product variations per product allowed for the R 900 website special.

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