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Task Management

Lets say that everything that happens within your business, from sales to accounting, from administration requirements to marketing strategies, is all made up of tasks. So I am sure you will agree that It’s logical to assume that correctly tracking, managing and completing these tasks can make your business more money, and even save your business money in some areas by saving you time for example.


One of Bright House Solution’s goals, is to streamline business by ensuring you are able to keep track of and manage:


– Your Diary
– Documents
– Projects
– Reports & Quality Control
– Customer Relationship management
– Basically any conceivable task performed within your business.


…in order to create processes that allow the task to be completed in the most effective way possible.


How can we measure if a task has been completed in the most effective way possible? If the task is within sales, we can ask the sales director if he was happy with the sale that was made, and within production, we can ask the client if they were satisfied with our service and if they would recommend our company. The correct yardstick for measuring efficiency is just as important as creating efficient completion of tasks.


So how will we help you keep track of and manage your business?
We basically help you identify each task being performed, and create the most effective process to fulfil that task that will save you time and money. With Successfully managing sales tasks for example, you won’t only save money, but additional revenue will be earned through the successful sales task tracking, management and completion.


I would love to boast that Bright House Solutions has spent the past 9 years developing this software, but we were only introduced to the software through one of our clients. We immediately saw the value it could bring not only to BHS but to any company that needs help with task tracking and management. BHS and our Partner are looking forward to helping you streamline your business.


Lets say all business revolves around 3 things. Sales, Products & or Services and Accounting/billing etc and within these main spheres of business, we will assist you in identifying tasks and creating processes allowing you to:


– allocate work
– set deadlines
– Enforce Feedback
– Identify and alleviate bottlenecks
– Plan and implement tasks to be activated at a future date.
– Create and set notifications and reminders
– Produce reports
– and many, many more.


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