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Bright House Solutions’ main focus has always been website development and for the past 14 years we have been perfecting our skills. We have defined key website design and development principles such as user friendly, interactive, harmonious content and picture layout and carefully integrating your company’s corporate image, focus on your colour schemes, designs, logo, slogan and words used. We create visual statements about your company that communicates its business philosophy.


Here at BHS we can tailor any of our website solutions to suite your needs. Should you require massive website catalogues with a gargantuan product offering – we can assist you with cost effective solutions. Should you require an e-commerce website giving browsers the ability to add products to a shopping cart and then purchasing their selected goods, we can assist. We can also tailor an e-commerce shopping cart, giving browsers the option to select different products, and then instead of purchasing the selected products, they simply request a quote on items selected. And of course we build less complex websites, giving browsers sufficient quality content and a user friendly experience drawing them closer to your organisation.


After a great website is built, the world or simply South Africa needs to find your company. One of the best ways to drive traffic to your website is through a cost effective Addword campaign. Paying or bidding for specific keywords and phrases to target specific traffic to your website is a no brainer in terms of potential success and within BHS, your success is our priority. We do however like to leave Addword campaigns as a secondary option. After having exhausted all natural search engine optimization techniques, such as keyword meta tags, title tags, alt tags, and sufficient quality content, only then do we look at Addword campaigns. It can take Google 30 to 90 days to index a new website, so it would be advisable to use Addwords in this initial period while your natural website’s SEO picks up speed.


One of Bright House Solutions new found passions is to assist companies in streamlining any work or administrative process they may have by helping companies manage tasks and client relations . We can design and tailor make a wide variety of software programs your company may need for Project Management, Stock Control, Invoicing, Billing asset Management, Reporting, Digital dashboards, and much, much more. BHS can help you create marketing, sales, explanatory and training videos, dynamic charts and infographics. We will match your message to the correct style, look and feel. We focus on 2D & 3D animation specialising in character animation, infomercials, simulations, architectural visualization and compositing.


Tell us your need, and let’s get together to see how we can fill that need for you.

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